A Gothic psychedelic western ending in a peyote fueled spiritual shootout between good and evil.

Night Jazz
It´s 1964; Jazz remains the undisputed king of music but all isn’t groovy. Some stiff is murdering sidemen in Harlem.

Police resources notwithstanding, the growing number of cases given short shrift, triggered friends and family of the murdered jazz musicians to hire the private investigator Francis Bacon, an embittered ex-military policemen, bookworm and Jazzbo and his partner William Blake, a former City homicide detective, to solve the case and stop more murders dodging the mores and morays of the times including dead end romances that might kill you.

Night Jazz is a hard-boiled detective novel, redirecting the genre into a different direction based on three main premises: the Beats adopted detective fiction, the world´s love affair with jazz never ended and certain pivotal points in history played out differently.

As all well-crafted, thoughtful fiction, Night Jazz is reflection our own world´s doubts and dilemmas and it is targeted toward readers of mystery, hard-boiled detective, and literature.

Hip Hop
Love and loss set in New York City’s art world once upon a time when anything can happen and often does.


A (15,000 word count), a macabre southern Gothic set in the post-Civil War era
narrating a planned reunion between former friends. One a badly wounded veteran seeking medical help and the other a former
friend and company surgeon. Their eventual reunion is staged against a seething military
occupation, devastation, a serial killer and in the darkening flux of the post war South, world weary, unhealed and savaged by dark
appetites; murder, revenge, bitterness, rage, betrayal, and a second helping of that cold inhumanity that lurks within every man and woman and just waiting to be set free if its lock is broken.

“versiculus cycles”
Collected poetry ranging across chronological, chorological, conceptual, lands, lush well as unbearable deserts of mind and soul drawn from Alaska, New England, New York City, the Pacific Northwest, the American West, Britain, Istanbul and elsewhere sharing a commonality founded upon human universals, adventure, and inner contemplation upon the umbilicus.

My muse

A few of these other titles will be available shortly. I have many irons in the fire ranging from my collected short stories, a Louisiana Creole/Cajun script the “The Acadian,” and a sardonic-from the hip non fiction chronological ranging bestiary, “The Strength of Materials,” in production.

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