Warning to the craft: I know that it is heartbreaking seeking publication. How many times have you waited 6 months or more chafing under mainstream publications such as Alfred Hitchcock or Ellery Queen’s ludicrous submission dictates only to be rewarded after half a year or more with a robo generated rejection text. Hence. Today’s writers have so few legit organs to dump their work into that online journals and quarterlies seem an answered prayer.Well! Use prudence and watch out out for the rights demanded in return for publishing your craft. Often, especially for online periodicals that publish anthologies, they may ask for long term or even perpetual rights. Now friends. If you submit an extract or a well crafted example of your work and it is “published,” with long term retention of “your” publishing rights. Then you can kiss your creations goodbye. Therefore. Always know what you are signing away. Promise?

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